What Are The Effects Of Soda On Children?

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What Are The Effects Of Soda On Children?

It is impossible to have pizzas or other snacks without soft drinks. Carbonated soft drinks are called soda. People, especially children, prefer drinking these drinks while eating snacks as they elevate the taste. But the soda can prove harmful to the body. You might be unbeknownst to the effects of soda on children and adults. Regular consumption of soda damages your body and halts you from making a healthy body.

Following a healthy lifestyle might be difficult initially, as it makes you consume less of your favorite snack foods. But it is an imperative necessity for a healthy body. Otherwise, your body will fall prey to health ailments, such as weight gain, increased blood sugar levels, etc. If children keep drinking soft drinks at an unstoppable pace, they will have to face obesity at an adolescent age, which is one of the severe effects of soda on children.

The Cartoon Show – Futurama

The Cartoon Show - Futurama
Source: The Natterbox

Futurama is an animated science fiction and comedy-drama created by Matt Groening. The series shows slacker Fry adventures (Philip jay fry), known by his surname Fry, which is preserved cryogenically for 1000 years. Futurama is about a workplace sitcom where Planet Express is an interplanetary delivery company. Fry works as a delivery boy in Planet Express. 

The episodes of Futurama feature the trio of Fry, Leela, and Bender. Fry is the main character in this animated sitcom Futurama. Fry is generally very lazy at work and immature; he spends most of his time simply sitting and watching tv along with his favorite drink slurm. Futurama cartoon mostly shows about the slurm drink in all episodes.

What Is A Slurm?

What Is A Slurm?
Source: IMDb

Slurm is a fictional soft drink. The slogan of the slurm is highly addictive. It is prepared with sugar, lime juice, ginger juice, sparkle water, and food color. Slurm is a drink with sweet, limeade, and tart ginger. It is bright green in the shade, which will attract kids.

While watching cartoons, children often identify themselves with the characters. These cartoon characters may quickly turn into role models for kids. Without the supervision of the parents, kids can not differentiate between reality and fiction. Children can use cartoons as a substitute for real life.

Unhealthy Effects Of Soda On Children

Unhealthy Effects Of Soda On Children
Source: Healthline

Children should not drink more than 230 ml to 250 ml of sugar-sweetened drinks over a week. Sometimes, young children cannot digest soda constituents and may face problems like loose bowels or diarrhea. 

Soda suppresses the appetite and fills the stomach. Therefore, kids are less likely to eat healthy, nutritious foods. These nutritious foods provide energy to fight foreign infections in the body.

Soda contains zero or no essential nutrients; it is high in calories and sugar. Soda drinkers receive less of the daily recommended levels of essential nutrients. Soda can deplete the calcium of bones and are more prone to broke easily. The high amount of sugar in soda cause cavities, tooth decay, and enamel loss of teeth. Drinking soda can often lead to blood sugar disorders, upset stomach, and duodenal lining inflammation. Drinking soda regularly will increase your kids’ risk of developing overweight or obese.


Slurm is a drink with natural healthy ingredients like ginger and lime, which boosts children’s immunity power, but this slurm is made to contain too much sugar and soda, and it is not advisable for children. Experts agree that there isn’t any harm in enjoying a low or no-calorie soft drink, but moderate consumption is necessary.

When you remove sweet drinks from the child’s diet, loose bowel actions may improve. Fresh fruits and their juices can replace soda to meet proper RDA (recommended daily allowances of nutrients).

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