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    Manage your Type 1 Diabetes with Ease

    People with Type 1 Diabetes or Juvenile Diabetes need to regularly monitor their blood sugar levels. They will see a higher fluctuations in blood sugar levels as compared to normal people and that is the reason for them to maintain a strict control over diet and exercise. There is no universal diabetes diet which works for one and all. Each person has to be careful of what they eat and how their body responds to different foods.

    An important aspect to maintaining blood sugar levels is consistently following a diet. Even though it’s easier to rely on fast foods and junk foods like burger, pizza, bread and biscuits, they hold no nutritional value and would cause more damage in the long run. A well stocked kitchen goes a long way in regulating the dietary patterns and helps in cutting down unnecessary sugar, carbohydrates, sodium, and fat that can spike blood sugar.

    Some basic recommendations that can be followed by people suffering from Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus are

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    They have an immediate impact on sugar levels. Two types of carbohydrates are there- simple (juices, bakery items, sweets etc) which immediately raise the blood sugar levels and Complex ( vegetables, oats, grains etc) which raise the sugar levels slowly without harming the body. This, restricting simple carbohydrates is a good choice in adults with Type 1 DM. Though Type 1 DM children may consume some amounts of simple carbohydrates owing to their higher energy requirements.


    Fruits are again rich in carbohydrates but are a very source of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Except for the 6 fruits- mango, Custard apple, Grapes, jack fruit, Chikoo and Banana, all other fruits in limited quantities can be consumed. The above-mentioned fruits can be consumed after taking into consideration the sugar levels and the insulin dosage.

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    Proteins are an important component of any diet, more so in diabetics. It helps in building up muscles and maintaining a good immune status. Meat, egg white, soybean, dairy products etc are very good sources of proteins which should be included in the diet every day. Though like anything else, an excess of proteins is also harmful and has to be in balance with the carbohydrates and fats.

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    Fats are usually the least discussed and the most blamed part of the diet. But trust me, fats play an equally important share in maintaining healthy, especially for Type 1 Diabetics. Though, a change in the type of fats consumed, from saturated fats(ghee, cream, butter etc) to unsaturated fats (safflower oil, olive oil, groundnut oil etc) is highly warranted these days.

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    A simple guide to follow a diabetic diet is illustrated below – as a diabetic food pyramid. A copy of this food pyramid should find its way to all kitchens!!

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