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    Our Beliefs have Powerful Impact on Food and Water?

    Our thoughts matter

    Have you ever thought that seeing or feeling about any conscious or unconscious thing has its effects on it whether you believe or not? Such is the thing which I recently came in contact with i.e. ‘Water’. Yes, you heard right, water does get affected by our feeling, emotions & how we see it. Today in this article I’ll be discussing some researches done on this subject, so by the end of the article, you’ll be taking some great insights on its practical applications which is more important than just loading with theoretical crap.

    The Rice Experiment:

    Before going ahead, I would like you to do a little experiment to test it. Take 2 glass jars & put some boiled rice into both jars & airtight the lids. Then take 2 small pieces of paper or labels & right word ‘LOVE’ on one & ‘HATE’ on another & stick to the jars separately.

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    Now every day for 1 month for few seconds take the jar & see the rice with the feelings written on that jar. If the jar says, love, than have warm, compassionate feeling of love towards that jar & vice versa. Note for any changes occurring to that rice day by day. I’ll let you know by the end of the article that what changes you should be expecting.

    Hidden Messages in water

    Now the reason I told you to do that experiment is that how we see & feel do have a large impact on our nearby objects. A Japan researcher named Dr. Masaru Emoto proved this on water & published his research outcome in the book named Hidden Messages in Water”. What he did was that he collected different samples of water from polluted wells in Japan & put under the Electron Microscope for capturing the images. Of course, the images as it was taken from polluted wells formed broken crystals with non-uniform shape & sizes. Then he requested a group of people & a priest to say healing prayer to those polluted wells. He again followed the same procedure & to his surprise, he found that after praying, the crystal molecules were transformed & complete. The crystals were uniform & in beautiful shapes like snowflakes.

    The experiment which I gave you to do is been suggested by him to get a glimpse of our consciousness & intention which has a huge effect on our surroundings. You should be expecting the outcome of that experiment is the jar with the ‘love’ label on it, the rice should remain fresh & the one with ‘hate’ word rice would rot & will get mold if done with right intentions and emotions.

    What you think matters!

    So to conclude, the best thing you can do before drinking water from an unknown source is to keep it near your heart & say a prayer of love & gratitude, then go ahead with drinking it. In short, he proved that our vibrations & energy affects each & everything surrounding us whether those is positive or negative it doesn’t matter. This not only applies to water but to everything that we do especially our food. But that doesn’t give license to eat unhealthy & drinking tap or unfiltered water. Remember ‘you are what you think, eat, drink and breathe.’


    ‘The Hidden Messages in water’ by Masaru Emoto

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