7 Symptoms That A Woman Should Not Ignore

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woman should not ignore these symptoms

sometimes, women may feel a persistent sore throat, or chronic headache or blurry vision but you just let it go, thinking that maybe it’s just tiredness. But they could be subtle hints of major diseases that shouldn’t be ignored.

Make your visit to the doctor, if you feel any of these health symptoms:- 

1. Chest Pain

chest pain
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Pain or discomfort in the chest should never be avoided. It could be a major warning sign of heart attack or cardiovascular disease. Heart attack gives few earlier signs like – chest pain, shortness of breath, severe tiredness, heartburn, and difficulty in breathing. 

2. Abnormal Bleeding

abnormal bleeding
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Women go through monthly periods and that’s normal. But if the bleeding is irregular and heavy, then it could be signs of poor health conditions such as – uterine or cervical or ovarian cancer. If bleeding persists longer, or bleeding occurs in the middle of menstrual periods, or the spotting occurs even after menopause, then, you should definitely see your gynecologist. 

3. Extreme Tiredness

extreme tiredness experienced by woman
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Sometimes, the workload makes us extremely tired and exhausted. Taking a long rest or a refreshing shower could make you feel calm and energized. But if you still feel exhausted and severely fatigued then it could be an early sign of heart failure. 

4. Blurring of Vision

blurring vision
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For a moment, you may blame your hectic schedule for blurred vision, but it could be a stroke. If you feel your vision blurring from one or both eyes, seek medical care instantly. 

5. Sudden Weight loss

sudden weight loss
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Weight loss is good if you have been working out and following a healthy diet. But if you are losing weight suddenly without doing any effort or changes in your diet, then it’s not good. It may be indicating stress, depression, cancer, or a digestive disorder. 

6. Breasts lumps

breast lump
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Breast Cancer is very common among women. If you feel any lump or tenderness on breasts or any abnormal discharge from nipples, do visit your doctor. 

7. Intense Headache

intense headache
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A sudden intense headache could be a warning sign of a tumor, head injury, stroke, aneurysm, or inflammation of the blood vessels in the head. If you feel a severe headache that persists for days or headaches accompanied by dizziness, meet your doctor quickly. 

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