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turmeric helps in weight reduction

Weight gain or simply fat deposition in the body is most common health-related problem of today’s population causing obesity.

With this modern epidemic called obesity on rise , we are more vulnerable to chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes , cardio vascular problems and many more.

on rise , we are more vulnerable to chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes , cardio vascular problems and many more.

Weight gain occurs due to energy imbalance in the body that happens when calories intake is higher than calories burned by our body. Hence, in essence our battle against all those diseases is simply a battle against our increasing body fat.

Although the only simple solution for this is to follow a strict diet and exercise regularly, wouldn’t it be great to have a wonder ingredient in hand (and kitchens) that can hasten and support this process?

What is turmeric?

It is scientifically known as Curcuma longa and belongs to the family Zingiberaceae. The turmeric is used in cooking, cosmetics, and traditional medicines.

tumeric plant

The main bioactive compound found in turmeric are “curcuminoids” while other bioactive compounds which are present are Volatile oils, sodium, potassium, Iron, Omega 3 fatty acids, Linolenic acid, proteins, carbohydrate, fibers, etc.

Turmeric for health

The benefits of turmeric are largely based on these few properties that result from its active compounds. These properties are:

Anti-inflammatory – acts against “inflammation” which is an immune response by our body against injury or invasion. Its characterised by pain, redness, swelling and heat. The response can cause conditions ranging from simple pimples to septic shocks.

Antioxidant – antioxidants work against “free radicles” which are usually produced when our body is undergoing chain reactions to destruct cells.

Analgesic – pain relieving action.

Antimicrobial – the ability to kill/stop the growth micro organisms like bacteria that have invaded your body.

and many more.

However, many of the active compounds in Turmeric have positive implications in weight loss and help in combating complications related to obesity.

Turmeric in Weight loss

Bioactive compounds present in Turmeric helps in a weight loss by a various ways such as:

1.Prevents fat accumulation and hasten weight loss

Accumulation of fat in adipose tissue or some other tissues such as liver or stomach is the sign of weight gain or obesity.

Formation of new blood vessels in adipose tissue is linked with the fat accumulation in obese people so curcumin present in turmeric targets this adipose tissue and prevent fat accumulation in adipose tissue.

The sulphur present in turmeric prevents fat deposition and improves the lipid profile of blood and liver.

2. Accelerate Diet induced weight loss

Healthy Diet intake is very important for weight management.

The carbohydrate fraction of turmeric is not absorbed in the body which helps in fat reduction and prevents weight gain along with dietary fibres present in turmeric that help in weight loss.

3. Promotes browning of white adipose tissue

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Brown adipose tissue has a function of heat production and this occurs due to utilisation of glucose and lipids.There is a neurotransmitter which is norepinephrine which converts white adipose tissue into browning process.

4. Turmeric has thermogenic action

Thermogenesis is a metabolic process that involves burning of calories in the body. Turmeric has a presence of these components therefore has an effect in thermogenesis.

The action of curcumin can prevent obesity by promoting the burning of accumulated fat in the body.

5. Suppresses inflammation associated with obesity

Inflammation is associated with obesity or weight gain. Adipose tissue produces adipokine substances which have inflammatory actions.

Turmeric has an anti-inflammatory substance helps in targeting inflammatory action of adipokines.

6. Antidiabetic action

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action of the curcuminoids has antidiabetic action which lowers the blood glucose levels.

7. Prevents Metabolic Syndrome and depression

  • Turmeric has an affective bioactive compound which lowers the cholesterol, triglycerides etc.
  • Curcumin present in turmeric increases serotonin and decreases dopamine to elevate depression.

Dosage of turmeric for weight loss

If you do not already, include turmeric in their diet. Thanks to our indian cuisine its not that hard to incorporate. Turmeric milk and Turmeric tea are easy alternatives for Turmeric intake.

Avoid taking turmeric on an empty stomach.

The daily intake should be 1-2 teaspoons 2-3 times a day.

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