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    Shape Your Thoughts To Live Peacefully

    Human beings have unlimited emotions that travel with the thoughts. Our thoughts decide what we have to do. Sometimes, the thoughts that reside in our minds are not for our benefit, but we follow those thoughts, and then they imprison us. Therefore, shape your thoughts to shape your mind positively. Be mindful enough to differentiate between good and bad thoughts.

    People are prisoners of their thoughts.

    Our own thoughts disturb our peace, and we become the prisoners of our own thoughts, be it good or bad. When it is good, we have a good impact on it, and there is no worry within us. But when the thoughts are not right and are distracting or confusing, we try to go with it, because as per our consideration, what we are thinking is right, so we tend to apply it. It gives us disappointment. Overthinking becomes a mental disorder before we know. We run behind our thoughts, not knowing where it is taking us.

    Shape Your Thoughts To Concentrate

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    We start thinking about the results without even implementing them. Thoughts are such a thing that they do not let the person stay still. It keeps on moving like the waves in the ocean. As we all know, if the waves are moving, we cannot see the ocean’s base. It is visible only if the water is still. Similarly, it is with us. If there are too many thoughts going on, we cannot concentrate on our life’s target, making it impossible to reach our aim. It is difficult but not impossible to calm down the mind. Once it is calmed and starts seeing the future, no thoughts can refrain us from focusing on life’s aim.

    What Is “Vichar” And “Achar”?

    What Is "Vichar" And "Achar"?
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    “Vichar se achar ho hi nahi sakta, Achar se hi vichar ho sakta hai”. Vichar is the thoughts coming and going and keeps on changing every moment, keeping us in a wavering state of mind and making it difficult to take a firm decision, as all things are found to be right for us.

    ‘Achar’ comes into the picture, which means execution. Once you start implementing one particular thought and start moving in that direction, all things get lined up, and the way becomes so clear that the aim is visible.

    Therefore, “people are prisoners of their thoughts,” this quote is very true for everyone, and we never bother to open the doors of the mind and think out of the box. We keep on seeing what is visible easily. It is like, there is a very thin layer of snow on the aim of our life, which is kept uncleared for years, and stopping us from the execution, once we feel now all our responsibilities are over (which was not our duty), we try to find the path of our life.

    To Conclude

    prisoners of our thoughts
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    It is always said that it is never too late, so, get up, move out of the comfort zone and focus on the target of life, which is very beautiful and has new dawn in our lives, with nice golden color rays falling on the messy hair which had never been that magnificent, as that point of view did not view it, it was always ignored, as it had too many activities to do which finally concluded was never required for anyone. 

    Once we realize that we are prisoners of our thoughts, we start moving in the direction to release ourselves; it is not far that we become a happy person once we start thinking and working on the right path of our aim. 

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