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Get Set to be Healthy and Fit with these Aerobic Exercises.

Exercise is one of the best things one can do for their health. It has innumerable benefits like improving your overall health and fitness,...

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    How To Read And Understand Doctor’s Prescription

    You might have visited your doctor’s many times and must have tried to read the prescription and must have failed to do so.

    You may feel that all doctor’s scribble their prescriptions. If you manage to find someone who lets others make sense of their prescriptions you’ll know that there are some things written in what seems like a code. But they are Latin!

    Doctors use abbreviations (based on Latin words)  in the prescription that tell your pharmacist which medication to give you, directions on how to use that medication and how many times to take that medication.

    Image Source- purest.com

    When you learn to understand the medical abbreviations used by your doctor, you can read your own prescription immediately after it is written and avoid the risk of getting to be mistaken by the pharmacist. This will make sure that you know what medication you are getting and it will give you a chance to ask questions about your doctor’s instructions. If you understand your prescription, there is less chance that you will have a medical error. For example, your pharmacist can make a mistake reading your doctor’s handwriting.

    Well, you can learn to read the Abbreviation. In Just 3 steps:

    1. How to take tablets and medicines
    2. How to take Syrups
    3. How to apply Creams and Lotions

    On every Prescription there is always:

    1. Patient’s name
    2. Patient’s details
    3. B.P
    4. Sugar (if it has been measured)
    5. Patient’s weight
    6. patient’s age 
    7. Name of the Tablet, dose and how many times to take
    Image source – wikihow.com

    For Example:

    1. Tab. ABC – BBF ( Before fasting) 1 OD
    2. Tab. XYZ – 1 BD
    3. Tab. PQR – 1 TDS
    4. Tab. EFG – 1QID
    5. Tab. LMN – 1 HS
    6. Tab. CDE – 1 SOS

    Tablets :

    BBF – before fasting

    OD – Once In a day

    BD – “bic in die” which means  TWICE A day

    TDS- Three times a day

    QID-  four times a day

    HS- sleeping time a day /bedtime a day

    SOS- “Save our souls” emergency tablets

    How To Take Syrups :

    Image Source : preventionlane.org

    For Example:

    1. Syrup ABC -1 TSF OD
    2. Syrup XYZ – 2 TSF BD
    3. Syrup Antacid – 3 TSF TDS

    1TSF – OD means 1 Tablespoon full once in a day

    2 TSF – BD means 2 Tablespoon full and twice in a day

    The  dosage like 2ml. 5ml. 10ml. can be measured by cap

    How to use creams and lotions :

    Image source – www.Biospectrumindia.com
    1. Cream ABC     L/A E.U.O
    2. Cream XYZ  L/A I.U.O

    L/A – stands for LOCAL APPLICATION which means Cream should be applied ONLY ON THE AFFECTED AREA.

    EUO – stands for external use only

    IUO – stands for Internal use only

    For Topical oral use – This type of medication is used to apply to a particular place in the body (only for ulcers).

    For topical use only – This type of medication is applied to a particular place on the body (apply only in infected area).

    As an alert medical consumer, it is a good idea to check your prescription and make sure that it is filled correctly at the pharmacy. If you think there is an error or discrepancy, you can ask the pharmacist or call your doctor.

    Commonly Used Medical Abbreviations

    Your doctor may use different abbreviations or symbols.

    Some commonly used abbreviations are:

    Image Source –
    1. ad lib – freely, as needed
    2. bid – twice a day
    3. prn – as needed
    4. q3h – every 3 hours
    5. q4h – every 4 hours
    6. qd – every day
    7. qid – four times a day
    8. qod – every other day
    9. tid – three times a day

    When to Take Your Medication:

    1. ac – before meals
    2. hs – at bedtime
    3. int – between meals
    4. pc – after meals

    How Much Medication to Take

    1. caps – capsule
    2. gtt – drops
    3. i, ii, iii, or iiii – the number of doses (1, 2, 3, or 4)
    4. mg – milligrams
    5. ml – milliliters
    6. ss – one-half
    7. tabs – tablets
    8. tbsp – tablespoon (15ml)
    9. tsp – teaspoon (5ml)

    How to Use Your Medication

    1. ad – right ear
    2. al – left ear
    3. C or o – with
    4. od – right eye
    5. os – left eye
    6. ou – both eyes
    7. po – by mouth
    8. s or ø – without
    9. sl – sublingual
    10. top – apply topically

    We hope that you can easily read and understand your Doctor’s handwriting and avoid the risk of being mistaken

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