The Delicious Indian Cuisine and its Health Benefits

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We Indians love to have delicious food and Our Indian food is known for its varieties of Dishes. The Indian Diet includes a variety of foods, spices, and dishes which not only give color to the dishes but also make the dishes flavourful.

Nowadays Indian food has been categorized as unhealthy cuisine because it contains sugar and carbohydrates which contribute to the many Heart Problems. Actually traditional Indian food is not only healthy but also Fabulously tasty and even healthier with lots of Benefits.

Every Indian State has its own variety and owns flavor because every state has its own little secret ingredients that give authentic flavor to the dishes. Our Indian Dishes contain Dal, chapati, salads, chutneys, curd, etc which give every kind of nutrition to our body so we can say Indian food is the balanced nutritious food with a variety of Dishes.

Therefore now we can say Indian food and Spices are not only tasty and flavourful but have many health benefits as well.

In this article, I have put benefits of an Indian Cuisine which offers more health benefits to satisfy your appetite.



Now first starting off with turmeric, it is also known as Haldi in our Indian cuisine. This spice ingredient which is used in most of the Indian Dishes which not only give color but also gives flavor to the dish.

If we talk in terms of its health characteristics then it has many of. Firstly it has good healing properties. Also, turmeric has the component Curcumin which inhibits the genes which enlarge the heart so good for heart problems. Also helps in increasing the blood circulation and prevents blood clotting.

Curry Leaves

curry leaves

Curry leaves which are also known as Kadi Patta in some parts of India. This is a very important spice which is generally used in south India for Tempering. This gives a nice aroma and flavor to the dish.

Regards to its health Benefits, it helps in reducing weight. Also, we can use it in detoxification of our body means it removes all toxins and fats from our body. Also good for our hair which I can say the vital part of the women. So it helps in hair growth and premature greying of the hair.



Chillies which are mostly used in Indian dishes and also plays a vital role.

This is the good herb for burning fat due to its special ingredient called Capsaicin that helps in improving metabolism and burns fat fast.



Known as Elaichi which is the flavourful condiment that gives a nice aroma to the dishes. Mostly used in Nonvegetarian dishes. It has health benefits like increased metabolism, improves digestion and beneficial for weight loss.



Garlic feature greatly in Indian cooking. Also helps in boosting our immune system. Improves Metabolism and fat burning process.

Indian food has a lot of grains.


Jowar, Bajra along with rice grains are grown abundance in India. Although the consumption of rice is denied for weight loss. But the Indian dish with the dal rice, all lentils make the nutritious dish with all essential amino acids.

Indian oils

indian oil

 A variety of Indian oils are available in India. Such as Groundnut oil, coconut oil, Mustard oil, Peanut oil etc.Coconut oil is used in mostly south parts of India. But the earlier processed oil was much healthier one than these are processed today.

The magic of Indian Curry

indian curry

 Our Indian Curry if we cook with right ingredients and proper amounts of oil are good for immunity. It also helps in reducing inflammation which is the root cause of most of the diseases. So the Indian curry prepared with tomato, onion, garlic, turmeric and other spices, the Indian curry has many health benefits.

Pickles and Chutney

pickles and chutney

Pickles we generally add in our Indian dishes. when pickles are made with the right quantity of oil and salt then it would work as a probiotic.

If the chutneys are also nutritious made with green leafy vegetables and seeds.

 Indian food is so healthy and nourishing. And if we cook with natural and traditional ingredients then I must say there is probably no food as healthy as Indian food.

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