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    8 Health Benefits Of Bananas For Babies

    Banana is the most commonly available fruit that has significant health advantages for babies. It is a delicious and healthy fruit for babies. And that’s why doctors recommend adding bananas to babies’ diets. Here are eight health benefits of bananas for babies.

    Minions Love Billion Bananas

    Minions Love Billion Bananas
    Source: Hype MY

    Minions are a top-rated cartoon movie for now-a-day children. They are characterized by the behavior of their child’s looks and unique language that is almost intelligible at a point. The movie scenes, including minions and bananas, are hilarious, whatever the result they bring. Happiness, for minions, is bananas: the bigger the size of a banana, the happier are the minions. 

    When they are hungry, they want bananas. If they have bananas already, all right, they’re going to eat them. There is one scene in which several children are fascinated to see two minions battling for banana and more minions chasing and joining them in the fight.

    Reasons For Enjoying A Banana

    Reasons For Enjoying A Banana
    Source: Chiquita

    There are many healthy reasons to eat a banana. Since minions are homunculi, for the same reasons, they may be consuming bananas. The minions’ creator may have decided to make them love bananas because when a minion says banana, it sounds way too funny, and any other fruit or veggie may not have sounded as funny as a banana.

    In the world, bananas are a common fruit. On this planet, bananas grow nearly everywhere. Some horticulturalists suspect that bananas originated in the jungles and are the first fruit worldwide. Since minions have also been living on the planet since the beginning, they may have found bananas and no other food initially. Hence, minions have a close bond with bananas.

    Minions are cheerful rather than unhappy and angry, for their happiness banana is the reason. Bananas include a protein type that our body converts into serotonin, the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter. It encourages relaxation and enhances mood. The minions and bananas look very good together, perhaps because they are both yellow and cylindrical.

    Health Benefits Of Bananas For Babies

    Many mummies choose bananas as the first food they introduce to their babies when weaning them onto solid foods. The soft, mushy texture of bananas makes it easier for the babies to eat.

    1. Give Fullness Feeling

    Give Fullness Feeling
    Source: FirstCry Parenting

    Bananas are a healthy food option for babies. Bananas are very rich in dietary fiber, which helps keep the baby fuller for longer. Bananas satiate hunger. They contain potassium, acting as an electrolyte that maintains hydration levels in the baby’s body.

    2. Easy To Digest

    Easy To Digest
    Source: Taste of Home

    A well-ripened banana is soft and quickly slips down the throat. Pectin in ripened bananas breaks down, softening them. It makes them easily digestible for babies. Kids particularly like the sweet taste of the banana and are happy to eat it. It gives your baby plenty of energy. 

    3. Treat Constipation

    Treat Constipation
    Source: EZPZ

    A ripe banana can treat constipation in babies. Banana has a good amount of dietary fiber, which adds bulk to the stool by absorbing water. Bananas smoothen the bowel movements, making the digestion process function properly. Thus, stools are released with little difficulty, preventing any more damage. 

    4. Full Of Nutrients

    Full Of Nutrients
    Source: The Petite Malay Girl

    Bananas are full of nutrients like potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorous, copper, and iron. These are the essential nutrients required during the early months of the baby’s developmental growth. Potassium is a necessary nutrient for muscle function and the regulation of heart rhythm. Iron and copper are required for hemoglobin levels and blood count. Calcium is necessary for bone development.

    5. Good For Growing Bones And Improving Eyesight

    Good For Growing Bones And Improving Eyesight
    Source: FirstCry Parenting

    Eating a banana daily boosts bone and eye health. Therefore, it is perfect for babies to build their tender bones and eyes. Bananas contain vitamin A, which helps the vision of infants. The potassium in them helps in the development of strong bones.

    6. Less Allergic Fruit

    Less Allergic Fruit
    Source: Healthline

    Bananas contain healthy nutrients that make them a common choice for eating. Bananas contain simple amino acids that are most digestible. Due to this easily digestible quality, this makes bananas an ideal food for infants. Although it is rare for babies to be allergic to bananas, it is still better to be careful in advance.

    7. Prevent Anemia

    Prevent Anemia
    Source: Parents

    Bananas are iron-rich, which is essential for the production of adequate blood hemoglobin and red blood cells. Iron-rich foods are a safe way to prevent anemia from developing in the infant. 

    8. Increase Brain Power

    Increase Brain Power
    Source: Thrillist

    Bananas are one of the superfoods that boost brain power. Bananas are the right fuel for an infant’s brain, and they also help boost your little one’s concentration capacity. Vitamin B6 present in bananas boost serotonin levels that increase the concentration power.

    It’s time to understand how awesome a banana is. No wonder minions love bananas too much. The little kids who don’t like fruit are utterly fond of eating bananas after watching the minion’s movies.

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