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Being a mother, a woman has a full time job. Whether she is married, divorced or single mother, her work is not easy. She needs to manage a household work life balance, then working towards her own wellbeing.

The concept of a working mum that people still don’t understand. You might be the team leader at your work when it comes to your home where you are the majorly responsible person.

Actually there are numerous challenges that an Indian working mother faces every day of her work life which de-motivates her and finally result in her becoming a stay at home mum not any choice.

Here are the some common problems that working mother faces in her routine life:

You are constantly reminded of your duties

Generally women are brought up with the mental conditioning that their primary responsibility is to take care of the family and children. So if you have any important work at office or anywhere else and your child is not well then you have to take care of your child that is your primary responsibility.

And also if you send your child to day-care, then you are reminded constantly that you are neglecting your child and being selfish.

You are looked down upon at work

No matter how hard working you are, you will always e looked down if you leave early and take work from homes.

There are only few companies which give work from home and crèche facilities.

So this is why many women quit their job after having a child.

You can’t travel late or take up night shifts at the job

After having a child, mothers have to narrow down their job search to either select academic profession or take up 9-6 job which has more of  a desk work than a field work.

Also during interview, interviewer ask more on a personal life, kids and family as these are the key factors that determine your selection.

You are expected to work from home when the baby is small

This is another challenge that you have to take up work from home option after being a mother. Because due to the unavailability of resources and safety issues, it is risky to leave your child under the full time care of a stranger and also there are the very few good day-cares on which you can depend on. So at this point, mothers give up their jobs.

Work from home options are very few and if it is there then salary is not that much so most of the mothers give up their job.

You are expected to be a superwoman

If you have chosen career over a family, then you have to handle everything on a single hand whether it is your child’s PTM, annual function in school, or family function then you have to be present everywhere. Some women have helpful husbands who always help and divides the work equally.

So these are the common problems which working mothers face in their daily life.

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