Sunday, May 16, 2021
    I am currently pursuing the Doctoral research (PhD) under the guidance of Dr. C.S.Yajnik, at Diabetes Unit, KEM Hospital Research Centre in diabetes in pregnancy. I am also working as a Clinical nutritionist and a Diabetes educator in Diabetes Unit. My area of interest in research is in Lifestyle diseases (Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases), their management and prevention. I am specialized in management of Lifestyle diseases (Diabetes, Weight loss, Heart disease) as well as Pregnancy and Kids Diet Plans.

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    dark chocolate

    Dark Chocolate Is it Good for us or not?

    Chocolate is obtained from seeds of the cocoa tree or cocoa beans. Chocolate is of two man types- Milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Healthier...
    15 Reasons Why You Get Puffiness Under Your Eyes In The Morning

    15 Reasons Why You Get Puffiness Under Your Eyes In The Morning

    Do you have bags under your eyes? Yes or No? Or does your eyes look puffy after you wake up in the morning? Are...
    How Does Dehydration Develop: 7 Common Causes Of Dehydration

    8 Common Causes Of Dehydration

    Water is a vital component of the body. Keeping our body hydrated is important as our total body weight consists of 60% water. Dehydration...
    Yes, Proteins…But Do You Know How Much You Should Intake It?

    Yes, Proteins…But How Much You Should Intake It?

    You all are aware of proteins; it is one of the important macronutrients. They are the building blocks of our bodies. Proteins have structural...
    Is Spinach More Nutritious Cooked Or Raw?

    Is Spinach More Nutritious Cooked Or Raw?

    Spinach is a package filled with powerful nutrients, whether in cooked or raw forms. So, what's the deal? Why is there 'cooked spinach vs....

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