Winters and it’s Major Skin Disasters!!!

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With September sweeping away, the chilly winds are going to take over very soon. With the exciting festive season coming our way, we all turn into fashionistas with all those layered clothing and boots. But with all the joys along with the winter, there is one more thing that is ready to stand with swords on our head – the dry weather ready to destroy our skins. All the moisture is gonna sucked up and there is a range of skin problems ready for you if you don’t switch over a season-friendly beauty routine. Your skin type determines your combat technique for the skin problems, just make sure that when the cool air hits, put up all your defenses against it.

Now let’s discuss these issues one by one:

Problem 1 – Dry skin

I know the cool winds feel good on the face but they also take up your moisture and leave your skin dry. The drop in humidity in winter eases up the process. So what to do?? Well, moisturizers are the best solution for it. Be aware of the fact the moisturizers in pump bottles are diluted so it’s better to use jars and tubes. And not only this, apart from moisturizers eat food that keeps your hydrated from within. Take up low-fat yogurt (70%water), fresh veggies and drink lots of water and drinks.

Problem 2- Flaky skin

Not only dry skin is present but also the top layer of the skin gets eroded and inflammation occurs and causes skin cracks and flakes. These are regardless of you using your moisturizers. Now, what to do? First of all, stop using soaps on the skin. They have high pH which hinders the skin and causes inflammation, dryness and also erodes the skin. Use appropriate face wash. Exfoliate to remove the damaged layer. Avoid rubbing your skin with towels as it makes it worse. Pat dry it.

Problem 3 – Damage by UV rays.

No matter how many myths regarding winter sun are prevalent, don’t believe them. No, the sun isn’t less harmful in winters, no the strength of UV rays does not weaken down. The rays would still penetrate from your epidermis deep into the dermis and cause extensive damage. No matter if you feel exposed to the sun or not, it is still going to cause damage to your skin. People with fair skin tone are at more risk. Lesser skin pigment means lesser protection from the sun but hold on, doesn’t make the people with darker complexion less worried. It is still a risk. Wear sunscreen every day, even if you are going out or not. Choose skin products with sunscreen in them already. It will not only save you from cancer but also from wrinkles and aging process.

Problem 4 – Chapping of lips

Not only your skin is going to suffer the effects of winter but your lips also tend to become dry, broken and chap off. It gives a bad appearance and also pains at times. Use moisturizing balms on your lips and you are good to go. Some people can also choose to apply ghee, Malai etc on their lips before sleeping, and well the results are good.

Problem 5 – Itchy skin, flare-ups, patches, irritation, and redness

Along with all the problems mentioned earlier, these problems are also occurring. Due to excessive dryness and weather, psoriasis and eczema are very common. These issues are also seen when we switch over to new skincare products. Choose your products wisely. Avoid long showers as they would only increase the dryness. Apply moisturizers soon after the bath.

Points to Ponder

  1. Keep your showers short
  2. Bath with lukewarm water and not too hot.
  3. Pat your skin dry and not rub it will the towel
  4. Use moisturizers (you can use them on slightly damp skin)
  5. Use UV protective sunscreens
  6. Use humidifiers at home
  7. Don’t use harsh soaps but use milk enriched soaps
  8. Use appropriate fabric like soft cotton and silk rather than wool or polyester
  9. Eat healthy foods to keep up your immunity and yourself safe from the bacteria and virus outside
    So these were few tips to help to have a happy winter!!
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