12 Incredible Bedtime Drinks For Effective Weight Loss


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Bedtime Drinks For Effective Weight Loss

You must be wondering, is it really possible to lose some weight so easily just by having a bedtime drink and then sleeping peacefully?

Let me answer you that yes it’s definitely possible. Having a comfortable sleep is very important for a healthy body and happy soul. After a good sleep, you feel happy and energized the next morning. It increases your metabolism, keeps you productive the whole day, and helps in lose weight. Whereas, having a restless night, makes you feel dull, and irritated and urges you to have unhealthy munchies or snacks that will lead to unwanted weight gain. It also affects your blood sugar and makes your insulin spike up as well.

Therefore, it’s really important to get some relaxed calm sleep every night. There are some healthy homemade drinks that you could have before going to bed for a restful sleep and these drinks would help in weight loss too. You can choose any one of the drinks as per your preference and flavor.

12 Incredible Bedtime Drinks For Effective Weight Loss

1. Warm Milk

A cup of warm milk is always the best healthy choice for a bedtime drink. It consists of calcium and tryptophan that’s good for a restful sleep. It curbs away the hunger pangs and reduces the chances of eating unhealthy munchies. Savor a cup of warm milk with honey for a flavorsome bedtime drink. If you don’t like plain milk, you can have some delectable milk recipes such as warm cinnamon milk, warm vanilla milk, chocolate milk, and so on.

2. Chamomile tea

The chamomile plant produces small flowers similar to daisies, that people can dry and steep in water to make tea. Chamomile tea is well known for its sleep-inducing properties. It relaxes nerves and makes you feel calm. Just brew a warm cup of Chamomile tea and have it before going to bed for a peaceful sleep. It promotes the production of insulin and also stabilizes blood sugar levels. This suppresses the sugar cravings and prevents excess intake of calories. So, it’s definitely a must-have bedtime drink, if you are struggling with sleepless nights and to maintain your weight too.

3. Grape juice

Grape juice is one of the sweetest drinks to enjoy before going to bed. Since grapes have simple carbs, it cause insulin secretion at night, which helps in the regulation of circadian rhythms (The natural cycle of physical, mental, and behavior changes that the body goes through in a 24-hour cycle). Therefore, grapes juice provides a good restful sleep. Apart from this, grapes consist of antioxidants, that convert calorie-storing white fat into calorie-burning brown fat. Thus, having a cup of pure grape juice as a bedtime drink would surely promote weight loss.

4. Green Smoothie

A healthy green smoothie is always good for health. Having a glass of green smoothie before bed would help in good digestion, boost metabolism, decrease body fat, and provide nutrition. Just blend powerful greens such as cucumbers, few celery stalks, fresh spinach, mint leaves, pineapple, avocados, and some berries for natural sweeteners. Green smoothies have nutrient-densed ingredients, so, it’s good for your skin and hair too.

5. Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon has high anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a detox agent too, removing harmful toxins from your body. So, having cinnamon tea before bed is the ultimate choice for losing weight. It may taste a little bitter, so add honey a bit to the tea. Apart from being a healthy bedtime drink for losing weight, Cinnamon tea has various other health benefits such as boosting metabolism, giving a youthful glow to skin, preventing infections, and strengthening your hair.

6. Mint tea

Mint tea is great for easy digestion. It stirs bowel movements and clears up the tummy. And thus, helps in reducing unwanted weight gain. Mint also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so it prevents colds and flu. It provides relief from muscle pain and soreness too. Simply prepare this refreshing tea with boiling water, then add chopped mint leaves in it. Strain this green herbal tea and drink it every night before bed. It will do wonders for your body.

7. Kefir

Kefir is made of fermented milk. It is a probiotic drink, enriched with nutrients. It is good for digestion, strengthens bones, prevents inflammation, and may help in managing cholesterol levels. This drink also helps in getting a peaceful sleep. Kefir is almost like yoghurt but it’s in liquid form. It has a bit tangy taste, but you would love having it.

8. Soaked Fenugreek Water

Fenugreek, commonly known as methi is enriched with fibres. Due to high fibers, Fenugreek water keeps you full and satiated for a longer duration. So, you won’t have cravings for unhealthy snacks at late night. Fenugreek water can be prepared in two ways, either by boiling crushed methi seeds in water or by soaking methi seeds in water. But you must have Fenugreek water for half an hour, or one hour before going to bed.

9. Lemon Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is very beneficial for health. It has gingerol which is anti-inflammatory in nature. It prevents colds, coughs,s and viral infections. Ginger is also good for smooth bowel movements and ease indigestion. Adding a few drops of lemon to it enhances its flavor and promotes weight loss too. A cup of Ginger tea is soothing, eases upset stomach, alleviates menstrual cramps, and gives relief from nausea, and restlessness as well. It’s definitely a healthy drink to have before bed for a comfortable sleep and for managing weight.

10. Green tea

You can’t go wrong with green tea. It’s always an added advantage to have this amazing healthy tea for boosting your weight loss journey. It increases your metabolism and breaks down fat. It also helps in lowering blood pressure and reduces inflammation. Besides, exercises and long walks, having a cup of green tea speeds up the burning of fat. This makes green tea, the healthiest drink to have before bedtime.

11. Celery juice

Celery juice is low in calories and packed with nourishing elements. It’s rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamins A, C, and K. Although it may not taste so good, but Celery juice is very good for overall health. It burns fat, helps in reducing water retention, and therefore reduces bloating. It is also good for skin and hair. You can prepare Celery juice just by blending celery stalks into a smooth juice. Add mint, ginger, lemon juice, and green apple for enhanced flavor.

12. Turmeric Latte

Milk is soothing and healthy for your body. But when you add a little turmeric, a dash of black pepper, a pinch of cinnamon powder, and honey to warm milk, it becomes more nutritious. Turmeric is rich in anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. It consists of antioxidants that help in flushing out toxins from the body. Turmeric has curcumin that balances your sugar levels and keeps hunger pangs at bay. This makes turmeric latte a perfect bedtime drink for losing weight and staying healthy.


Drinking certain beverages before bed can help you lose weight and improve your health. Drinks like warm milk, chamomile tea, and turmeric lattes can relax you and aid digestion. They also boost your metabolism and reduce cravings. Opting for healthy options like grape juice, lemon ginger tea, and celery juice provides nutrients without many calories, helping you manage your weight. Herbal teas like mint and cinnamon can detoxify your body and lessen inflammation, promoting better health.

Whether you enjoy a calming tea or a nutritious smoothie, adding these bedtime drinks to your routine can assist you in reaching your weight loss goals and feeling better overall.

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