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    What is Ophthalmology? Medical Conditions & Procedures

    Ophthalmology is the science or the branch of medicine that deals with the human eye. The eye is a complex system consisting of very delicate parts that work in tandem with each other to acquire visual input and stimulus that is decoded as electrical signals. 

    These signals travel through the optic nerve and reach the brain where they are deciphered and an appropriate response is sent by the brain in the form of an action that is taken by the subsequent body part. 

    Issues with the eye can be corrected at an eye hospital in Raipur where there are ophthalmologists who are adept at treating the eye for various diseases and disorders. Vision is a complex mechanism and most people suffer from a lack of proper vision and therefore visit an ophthalmologist at least once in their lifetime. 

    Common Medical Conditions of the Eye

    The eye is one of the primary sense organs of the body. It helps people to gain visual input and provides these inputs to the brain so that appropriate actions can be taken by the body such as crossing the road, watching television, chopping vegetables, or writing. 

    Most activities that a human performs during the day are mostly because of the hand and eye coordination that humans develop during the infant and early childhood stages. Most of these actions become a part of our subconscious memory and can be performed without much thought such as writing, chopping, drawing, driving, typing, etc. 

    Some skills are acquired over time and people excel at them over the years such as archery, shooting, racing, etc. Some medical conditions of the eye can make it hard to see clearly. 

    It could either be because of vision problems that pertain to the cornea and retina, or it could be because of accidental damage to the eye. It could also be because of age-related health conditions such as Cataract and Glaucoma. Below is a list of medical conditions that are treated at the eye hospital in Raipur:

    Vision Issues

    The most common issue with people is either being nearsighted or farsighted. Some people also develop a condition called astigmatism. There are others who are either color blind or have night blindness. These are all issues of the cornea and the retina that are unable to focus clearly. There are some corrective surgeries that can help patients with these conditions such as Lasik.


    A painful medical condition that occurs with age and underlying lifestyle conditions such as high blood pressure and sugar levels in the body. Excessive pressure builds in the eye and therefore causes pain in the eye making it hard to see. This is also corrected by simple surgeries that relieve the pressure from the eye. 

    Retinal Detachment

    Retinal detachment is an issue where the retina gets detached from the back of the eye. The layer of cells that provides blood and oxygen wears away causing the lack of fresh circulation in the eye. This is usually caused by previous surgeries, family history, or accidental injury. 

    This condition requires immediate medical attention, the lack thereof causing permanent eye damage. Surgeries can help with retinal reattachment. 


    A cataract is a common condition where a layer of skin starts to form in front of the cornea, obstructing the vision. This usually happens as people age and can be corrected with simple laser-based surgeries where the skin is gently removed by the ophthalmologist. 

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