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    What is Neograft Hair Loss Surgery?

    Hair loss can start to happen when we age and can really take a toll on our self-esteem. Our hair is a form of expression and integral to our appearance. If you’ve already lost a majority of your hair, you may be wondering if you could ever regain a natural-looking head of hair. With Neograft, you just might be able to. Neograft is a revolutionary new hair transplant surgery that can help you regain your hair and confidence!

    What is Neograft? 

    Neograft is a surgical procedure that takes hair from the back of your head and transplants it to the desired spot on your head. The surgeon uses a handheld device to remove hair from the back of your head because it is usually unaffected by testosterone and its effect on hair loss. The process uses the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, which is when the surgeon extracts hairs in groupings of one to four but without removing a large amount of skin.  

    This modern hair transplant surgery uses your hair to help negate the negative effects of hair loss. For clarity, Neograft does not stop hair loss, but it can help you regain a natural-looking hairline. Below is a breakdown of how the procedure works: 

    1. A surgeon will select and group the hair they want to graft. They’ll make sure for your best results that the hair follicles they choose are the same length and consistency. 
    2. Once the grafts and your head is ready, the surgeon will use a topical anesthetic. If you’re worried about feeling it, you probably won’t. The device they use is very gentle and doesn’t cause damage to the skin. 
    3. This step is where your hairline is created. The surgeon will take into account the angle and orientation of the newly placed grafts to ensure you get the best results. 
    4. The procedure in its entirety takes a few hours to complete. Recovery starts right away as your head will scab. These scabs can be very apparent for the first two weeks, but soon after two weeks, they should fall off. 
    5. After about 2-3 months, your newly grafted hair will shed. This stage does scare some people, but it’s completely normal. Once your hair sheds, your new hair follicles will start to grow in their place. Just wait a few months, and your hair will begin to fill in. 

    Does it work? 

    Neograft definitely works. Neograft can help you regain a healthy natural hairline. As stated before, it does not stop hair loss, and most doctors recommend you continue taking any hair loss medication or supplements you may already be taking. 


    In comparison to other hair transplant surgeries, Neograft is non-invasive. Recovery is relatively quick too. Most people can return to work after a few days or whenever they feel comfortable to return to their routine. You won’t need any stitches or staples too. This procedure also has an overall better outcome than most transplants. In most cases, Neograft will give you a hairline that doesn’t look like it was created in a cosmetic procedure. 


    Neograft transplants can be very pricey. The average Neograft transplant is almost always more expensive than other hair transplants and can cost anywhere from $9,000 to $13,000. In some cases, FUE techniques aren’t as effective as other transplant techniques. On average, FUE techniques graft less hair, but most procedures do not have any issues. 


    Anyone undergoing hair loss, thinning, balding, and male pattern baldness can benefit from Neograft. There isn’t a minimum age needed for men or women to pursue this procedure. The only requirement is that those who wish to have Neograft done have enough hair on the back of their head for transplant. 

    Neograft is effective and works well for people undergoing hair loss. It won’t cure your hair loss, but it will help you regain confidence from growing natural hair on your head again. While it is a costly procedure, the results of this revolutionary procedure shouldn’t be overlooked. 

    About the Author

    Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.

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