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    What are the 4 types of Rehabilitation?

    Rehabilitation is one of the core services when it comes to patient care. Rehabilitation is a wide subject that can apply to many different forms of care that are offered to patients. 

    Rehabilitation is simply the art of caring for patients in a condition where the patient is unable to care for themselves and requires the assistance of another individual at a medical level, sometimes even at a physiological level. 

    This does not limit only to disability but also includes scenarios such as substance abuse and addiction. Rehabilitation centre for de-addiction offers care and programs to patients who have an addiction to prescription and/or psychedelic drugs. 

    Alcohol addiction is a major program that is run by many rehab centres these days. Physiological conditions such as cancer, trauma, brain injuries, strokes, accidental injuries, spinal injuries, bell’s palsy etc are a class of disorders that often require rehabilitation as well. 

    Apart from physical conditions, mental disorders and personality disorders such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Severe OCD, etc., also require rehabilitation. 

    In most cases, rehab is an in-patient format and requires the patient to check themselves in so that the professionals can monitor them regularly. For some milder cases, outpatient rehab programs such as counselling, therapy sessions etc are also available in a rehabilitation centres for de-addiction. 

    Scope of Rehabilitation

    Rehab is one of the methods to ensure proper care is provided to patients who require some sort of intervention or additional support in taking care of themselves. 

    It could be because of a physical inadequacy or because of issues such as substance abuse where a person no longer has control on their own habits. In another aspect, mental illness can also be an area where people are unable to take care of their own health and fulfil daily activities and therefore require rehabilitation. 

    In case of substance abuse, the rehabilitation centre for de-addiction ensures that the patient is rid of all toxic material from the body and helps with withdrawal and relapse by counselling and therapy. 

    In case of physical issues such as stroke, injuries and accidents, the patient is helped with physical therapy and assistive medical care. For mental disorders, occupational therapy along with cognitive and group therapy helps in caring for these patients. 

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    Types of Rehabilitation

    There are 4 main kinds of rehabilitation in case of physical rehabilitation:

    1. Preventative Rehabilitation

    In preventative rehab, the early detection of some kind of mental or physical disorder helps the medical care provider to intervene and advise against further impairment. It can be helpful in conditions such as cancer and diabetes.

    2. Restorative Rehabilitation

    Restorative rehabilitation helps in giving advice and treatment to patients who have been through surgeries or any other major medical intervention with physical therapy and pain management.

    3. Supportive Rehabilitation

    Supportive rehab helps by providing physical training, therapy and self-help devices that help people in regaining a part of their motor abilities, movement and dependability. This is most helpful for people who have diseases such as Bell’s Palsy, Spinal Injury, etc.

    4. Palliative Rehabilitation

    Palliative rehab is limited to people who are in no form or shape to take care of themselves and are mostly bedridden. For them, this kind of rehab can help them become more independent with whatever little functions they can do by themselves.

    Apart from the physical rehab, the rehabilitation centre for de-addiction also offers detoxification from substance abuse. 

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