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    Top 33 Superfoods To Make Your Skin Glow!

    Do you care enough about how your skin looks? Then, you need to really care about what you eat! Well, if you are someone who is cautious about your skin, then here are some superfoods (nutrition powerhouses) that your skin needs. The best part about these superfoods is that you can eat them no matter what your skin type is. They suit all skin types and leave you in a win-win kind of situation.

    Without wasting any time, here are 33 superfoods to make your skin glow:

    1. Walnuts

    Do you know that omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids can do wonders for your skin? They can actually keep your skin hydrated and minimize the signs of aging. Amazing right? What is more amazing is that you can find these acids in plenty in walnuts, and they make your skin feel great.

    2. Ginger

    Consumption of ginger will help you to get an even skin tone, improve blood circulation, and have a better skin texture. You can also get rid of the scars on your face by applying sliced ginger on the skin surface itself.

    3. Amla

    The best cure for your acne is right here! Amla is world-famous for treating existing acne and preventing new pimples. Amla also acts as a natural blood purifier, and this purified blood finally results in glowing skin. Also, you will say a forever goodbye to your fine lines and wrinkles if you start consuming amla regularly.

    4. Tomatoes

    Bid a happy farewell to those astringents that you got from the market and that were full of chemicals. Your new, natural astringent can be picked from the vegetable basket itself. Tomatoes can be used as a natural astringent as they are amazing at keeping oil and dirt away from the skin. They also help to tighten the pores.

    5. Green Moong

    Green moong has vitamin A (to get rid of those wrinkles and sagging), vitamin C (to heal the blemishes), and protein (for smooth, glowing skin). Also, if you are left with some extra green moong, you don’t need to worry at all. You can make a paste out of it and feed it directly to your skin, i.e., make a face scrub for gently exfoliating your skin.

    6. Green Tea

    Vitamin E comes to your rescue in green tea. Vitamin E has a great potential to nourish your skin, and it keeps the skin hydrated for a longer duration. Drinking green tea on a regular basis will ensure that your dead skin is repaired and eventually brightened. Also, if you are tired of acne, then green tea can be a real savior.

    7. Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet potatoes are an entire storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants. Including sweet potatoes in your diet can give you unimaginable skin and other associated health benefits. Sweet potatoes are abundant in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Eating them will be a real treat for your skin and hair. Your skin will feel rejuvenated, and the acne will remain at a distance from you.

    8. Salmon

    Salmon is an excellent food choice for healthy skin. It’s a superb source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. This superfood will nourish your skin from within and keep it soft and supple. However, you must refrain from eating it every day unless you are eating it in small quantities.

    9. Pumpkin Seeds

    Pumpkin seeds are super rich in zinc, a magical ingredient that will regenerate your skin and protect your skin membrane. You can add these seeds to your oatmeal which is another superfood for the skin, and get the party started.

    10. Eggs

    Eggs are always preferred for an overall healthy life and, of course, for glowing skin. Eggs provide the necessary protein to your skin and rejuvenate the skin from within. Eggs can be super-amazing in adding new suppleness and radiance to your skin.

    11. Oats

    Oats can be your healthy substitute for sudden snacking cravings! You will really experience the wonders that oats can do to your skin without much effort. Oats are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that will naturally boost your skin and help you to get rid of dead and aging skin.

    12. Dark Chocolates

    This is a personal favorite and will be yours too. I mean, what’s better in this world than chocolates curing your skin? Dark chocolates are believed to increase the blood flow to your skin and lighten the existing scars and blemishes.

    13. Lemon

    Including lemon juice in your diet will help you in getting rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin into a healthier one. However, if you have serious dandruff issues, lemon juice may add to your problem.

    14. Blueberries

    If you are tired of acne and premature aging, then you almost got the cure! Eating blueberries on a regular basis can help you add a lot of fiber, antioxidants, and other nutrients to your diet. These guys will work together and heal your skin from within.

    15. Watermelon

    Watermelon is one of the highly recommended fruits for the skin. It is a natural exfoliator for the tired skin that we all have in today’s time. This fruit is packed with vitamins A, B, and C and will add up great radiance to your skin.

    16. Avocado

    Avocado is literally a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, omega-9, and antioxidants, and when all of them come together, all you get is flawless skin. Eating avocado on a regular basis can help your skin to gain great elasticity and firmness. The aging issues of your skin will be replaced with moisturized and super-young skin.

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    17. Turmeric Powder

    Trust us; this ancient spice will spice things up in your life! Get glowing skin with this proven ingredient, and forget about all the expensive cosmetics on the market. Turmeric is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components for a sparkling face. You can it to your food as a spice and your milk or use it as a face mask.

    18. Sunflower Seeds

    Consuming sunflower seeds can do wonders for your skin and make your skin feel like it is all new. These seeds have some anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that prevent your skin from catching infections and keep your skin healthy.

    19. Kiwi

    Kiwis are a real delight for not just your taste buds but also your skin. The citric acid present in kiwi is a boon for your skin cells because it helps them in getting regenerated. If you eat kiwis on a regular basis, then your skin will be more clear and brighter.

    20. Cinnamon

    Cinnamon is a spice that is popular worldwide and is very beneficial for the skin. It can greatly help with acne and reduce the excessive aging of your skin.

    21. Paprika

    Consuming paprika on a regular basis will make your skin look younger and help in reducing dead skin cells. Paprika is known for reducing the production of melanin, which in turn, makes your skin brighter.

    22. Black Beans

    Black beans can do wonders for your skin as it is very rich in antioxidants. It will brighten up your skin like magic and give you a natural glow as per your skin tone if consumed regularly.

    23. Kale

    If you include kale in your daily meals, then your skin will feel more bouncy and firm than ever before. Also, kale is well-known for the production of new skin cells and for making the skin look younger.

    24. Coconut

    Coconut is a popular natural toner for the skin. It not only has skin benefits such as preventing acne, glowing skin, and minimizing pores but also many additional health benefits.

    25. Chia Seeds

    Chia seeds are rich in many vitamins and proteins, along with some other healthy fats. There is an abundance of antioxidants as well in the chia seeds. Overall, it is a combo of everything that can benefit your skin.

    26. Water

    All of us are given this advice from time to time that we must focus on drinking at least 8 liters of water every day to get glowing skin, and it is very true. Water keeps the skin hydrated and refreshed and maintains the glow.

    27. Pomegranate

    Pomegranate is a superfruit that will reduce dark spots and dull skin, and it will look much healthier than before. You can eat pomegranate as it is or even make some juice out of it.

    28. Capsicum

    These little bells can bring magical benefits to your skin if eaten daily. Capsicums will replenish the skin and prevent premature aging of your skin cells.

    29. Moringa

    Moringa contains vitamin A, which helps in building collagen, which is an essential component of your skin. Apart from that, it also has vitamin C, which minimizes the aging signs of the skin.

    30. Spinach

    Spinach also works on the same lines as moringa does. It also gives vitamin C to the body, which eventually produces collagen, which helps the skin to regenerate and brighten up.

    31. Carrots

    Carrots are nothing less than a boon to dull, rapidly aging, and damaged skin. Including carrots in your diet can protect your skin from harmful UV rays and eventually rejuvenate your skin cells.

    32. Coffee

    Many people recommend having coffee to get crystal clear skin, and it is very true. There are some components of coffee, such as caffeic acid and antioxidants, that are well-known for boosting collagen levels and slowing down the rapid aging of cells.

    33. Strawberry

    Strawberries are very effective in giving blemish-free and glowing skin because they contain salicylic acid. You can have it raw or make a smoothie out of it. Strawberry salad is also a quick and easy way of having strawberries.


    The modern lifestyle has a lot that needs to be changed, but we can begin with our eating habits first. Whatever you eat in a day gets reflected in your health and especially in your skin. All the processed foods, foods high in sugar, and foods not cooked properly can leave you with acne, dull skin, dry skin, and a lot more. So, ditch them and go for the superfoods that we just talked about.

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