10 Benefits Our Indian Masalas Have To Offer Us – A Trivia Quiz

Our Indian spices, – isn’t it beautiful how when looked at separately they’re just powdered material put away separately in boxes of your kitchen, but when mixed into food, they become the base, rather the very soul of it? Apart from their appeasing flavors and colours, our masalas come with a long list of being highly advantageous to our health.

Let’s go ahead and learn more.

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    Jeera Powder –

    • Rich source of iron
    • Helps obtain clear skin
    • Is a natural antibiotic
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    Haldi –

    • Helps curing scurvy
    • Helps with improving vision
    • Helps in healing inflammations
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    Garam Masala –

    • Fights bloating and flatulence
    • Promotes weight loss
    • Helps clear sinuses
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    Dhaniya Powder –

    • Substitute for a dental cleanser
    • May help protect brain health
    • Acts as an exfoliator
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    Hing –

    • Helps heal wounds faster
    • Helps reduce nausea
    • May help relieve menstrual cramps
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    Kaali Mirch –

    • Helps remove unwanted hair
    • Known to reduce joint pain
    • Reduces blood sugar
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    Ajwain –

    • Acts as a mosquito repellent
    • Rich in vitamin E
    • Reduces hair fall
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    Sonth –

    • Reduces pigmentation
    • Helps treating urinary tract infections
    • Improves osteoarthritis in knees
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    Kalpasi –

    • Maintains cholesterol levels
    • Helps maintain body temperature
    • Helps lower risk of heart diseases
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    Laal Mirch –

    • Helps reduce stress levels
    • Has anti-fungal properties
    • Helps reducing bad breath

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Written by Aarzoo Mehta

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