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Understanding The Past: 3 Ways Past Trauma Can Influence Your Life In The Present

Understanding The Past: 3 Ways Past Trauma Can Influence Your Life In The Present
Source: The Guardian

In life, there aren’t any guarantees that you will escape trauma or its effects. How trauma affects your life is determined by how it is managed, and what you do to improve your life. A variety of therapies are available to help you manage trauma that has been proven to be successful. Reviewing 3 ways that past trauma can influence your life in the present helps you understand why therapy could help you and improve your quality of life.

1. It Can Cause The Development Of Physical Illnesses

It Can Cause The Development Of Physical Illnesses
Source: Medical News Today

Past trauma that isn’t managed properly can lead to more complex physical illnesses for the individual. For example, individuals with anxiety-based disorders such as PTSD have higher than average cortisol levels. The levels increase at any time the individual is triggered and their fight or flight instincts engage. For most patients with the condition, it is a life-long battle. The effects of the illness can influence how these individuals live and their quality of life.

However, it is necessary for these individuals or anyone suffering from past trauma to take the next steps and visit Psychotherapists. Entering into therapy helps the individuals control their symptoms through medication, meditation, and other aspects of their care plan. The right care plan for the individuals reduces their cortisol levels and lowers their risk for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

2. You Attract Unhealthy Relationships Or Avoid Relationships Entirely

You Attract Unhealthy Relationships Or Avoid Relationships Entirely
Source: Thought Nova

With trauma, adults who have survived past trauma move in one of two directions. They either attract unhealthy relationships, or the adults avoid relationships altogether. When it comes to trauma sufferers, they seek out the familiar. Unfortunately, when their trauma isn’t managed properly, the traits they look for in a relationship are the same as either the individual who caused their trauma or the traits they see in themselves.

Those who choose to start relationships see a steady pattern of relationships that have failed. The problem isn’t that they themselves cannot be loved or aren’t worthy of love. The problem is that they are choosing people who create an unhealthy relationship and don’t give them the love or fulfillment they want.

Those who choose to avoid relationships altogether have adapted to the idea that they are better off alone because they cannot handle their symptoms. Or, these individuals have given up on love because of more damage caused by these failed relationships.

3. Increase The Risk Of Addiction Or Escapist Behaviors

Increase The Risk Of Addiction Or Escapist Behaviors
Source: Healthline

Childhood trauma is a common cause of addiction and escapist behaviors. Individuals become overwhelmed from flashbacks of their trauma and seek a way to escape these unpleasant realities. Many adults who were abused as children or witnessed a profound trauma either become alcoholics or start using controlled substances to escape their trauma. However, substance abuse will only provide a quick yet temporary fix for the individual’s problems.

The only way to handle trauma and prevent the trauma from destroying their lives in the future is to start counseling. Through the right therapy, these individuals can move past their trauma and live a healthier happier life. They can also avoid the common results from trauma such as escapism and addiction. Overall, a failure to get the help they need creates environments in which they destroy anything that is healthy and wonderful in their lives due to escapist behaviors.

Trauma during childhood can have a devastating effect on anyone. For some individuals, these effects don’t appear until they become adults and try to live a normal life. Reviewing how trauma can affect your life as an adult shows you why it is beneficial to seek help and overcome these obstacles.

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