Meditation Is The Key To Everything

meditation is key to everything

Meditation is a very powerful technique that helps you to understand the source of your emotional states, helps to recognize their nature, also helps to recognize our attachments. Meditation is a form of complete relaxation technique. It’s not about focussing one’s thoughts on a particular thing, but instead becoming thoughtless.

Irrational Attachment

irrational attachment

It’s natural that you sometimes have an irrational attachment to certain objects while you fail to connect with people. The society burdens you with depersonalized materialism to feed the engine of consumption and production. Meditation is a tool that gives a calm and composed mind with better clarity as well as relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body.

Benefits of Doing Meditation Regularly:

On physical Health:

Few studies in meditation with athletes have shown a consistent improvement in physical performances and studies with those suffering from health issues have also shown a more rapid recovery time. Meditating for 10 or 20 minutes a day can improve your health as it relaxes the body by giving your muscles greater rest and rejuvenation.

Blood pressure:

It lowers high blood pressure and also lowers the levels of blood lactate thereby reducing anxiety attacks

Body ache:

body ache

Decreases any tension-related pain, like tension headaches, insomnia, muscle and joint-related issues.


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Stimulates the release of healthy hormones and neuro-chemicals (DHEAS, HGH.)It also increases the production in serotonin hormone that improves your mood and behavior.


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Daily meditation for at least 10 mins a day improves and strengthens the overall immunity thereby fight against diseases.

Energy level:

energy level  boost because of meditation

Increases the energy level, as you gradually gain an inner source of energy through the regular practice of meditation.

On Mental Health:

Mediation is the technique for taking full control of your own mind. Regular meditation is like exercising your own brain muscles. It helps you to become more aware of your own thoughts and emotions. Research has proven that meditation techniques cause beneficial physical changes to your brain chemistry.

Improvement in attentive quality:

improvement in attention quality
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In a study performed by Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital showed that regular meditation increases the thickness of grey matter in the brain which is responsible for attention.

Other benefits :

other benefits
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  • It decreases anxiety levels.
  • Improvement in Emotional Stability thereby increases creativity which causes happiness
  • Develops Intuition.
  • Helps in gaining clarity and peace of mind

Increases Focusing power:

increases focusing power
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Meditation helps to sharpen your mind by gaining focus and expands through relaxation. A sharp mind without expansion always causes tension, frustration, etc. The balance of a sharp mind and an expanded consciousness brings an ultimate perfection.

Meditation Increases Productivity

medication increases productivity
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Meditation helps to reduce your level of stress and helps to stay calm and focused, thereby increases productivity. In a study performed at the University of California showed that by practising the art of meditation 20 minutes a day, the students dramatically have improved their performances on cognitive skills tests.

Life Span benefits:

Meditation Increases Longevity

meditation increases longetivity
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Some studies show that meditation causes measurable changes in the brain that will slow the ageing process. Elizabeth Hoge of Harvard University discovered that tissue cells from the brains of old persons who were regular meditators had longer telomeres at the end of their chromosomes than cells from their non-meditating friends, which caused reduced ageing.

Spiritual benefits:

spiritual benefits of meditation
  • Meditation doesn’t have a religion and can be practised by anybody anytime anywhere.
  • When you are doing meditation, you are in a space of calmness and joy and this is what you give into the environment, bringing harmony to the Creation.
  • Daily meditation brings a true personal transformation.
  • Meditation helps you to learn more about yourself, you’ll naturally start discovering more about yourself and start loving yourself.

How To Meditate?

how to meditate?
  • Firstly, try to find a quiet, preferably cool place to sit or lie down where you are comfortable.
  • You can either lie on your back or sit still in a specific posture.
  • Now you need something to focus on.
  • Take few deeper breaths by inhaling via nose and exhaling via the mouth and try to relax by not letting other thoughts coming into your mind.
  • You can start by listening to meditation tune or you can play any mediation videos to help you in focusing on the process.

Regular practice is absolutely necessary to experience the benefits of meditation. It takes only a few minutes every day for lifetime happiness. So let’s start to embrace the art of Meditation to have a magical feeling.

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Written by Subarna Ghosal

Subarna Ghosal, a graduate and postgraduate in Food and Nutrition from the University Of Calcutta and also a Certified Diabetes Educator from. Dr Mohan's Academy (NDEP), worked as a nutritionist, lifestyle Counsellor and also has specialization in Sports Nutrition and Pediatric Nutrition from IAPEN (The Indian Association Of parenteral and Enteral Nutrition)believes in making and creating permanent lifestyle changes which are Specific, measurable, attributable and easily achievable. My main motto in the nutrition field is to spread awareness among people about the complications of the diseases and how we can manage or treat by homemade lifestyle changes.
I love some quotes which boost me up a lot.
"Self Discipline is the key to good health"
"10,000 steps a day make a man healthy fit and fine"
"Take deeper breaths any time of the day to calm our mind"
"Drink at least 8litres of water a day"
"Stay always focussed on the important things in life"
"Try to start your day with a positive mind"
"Keep on listening to motivational videos at least one in a day"

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