Hypertension is a Danger to our Body

danger to our body

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is the Long term and chronic medical condition affecting 80% population worldwide.

The condition where the blood pressure in arteries continuously rises up. In fact, Hypertension damages the Heart and arteries very gradually. Also, I can say this is the alarming situation for people not going for a healthy lifestyle as it is the intimation for various cardiac problems such as stroke, atherosclerosis, arterial fibrillation etc.

Hypertension is categorized as Diastolic and Systolic which means the Maximum and Minimum respectively. Normal BP is within the range of 120/80mm/Hg.

Lifestyle changes might help to overcome the situation such as physical exercise, food pattern changes, etc. But also people require to go for medications by consulting.

These are the following complications may occur if a person does not take the condition seriously and try to control over it

Damages to Heart

The heart is the organ supplying blood to the entire body and making the other organs to work efficiently. High BP affecting the Heart in various ways and create complications for other organs as well.

• Coronary Artery Disease

Affecting the artery supplying blood to Heart Muscle. The condition is if the blood does not flow freely and creating the pressure as narrowing of the arteries then the patient might get symptoms of stroke, chest pain or arrhythmias.

• Enlarged left Heart

High BP forces the heart to supply blood to the rest of the body making left ventricle thicken. This makes left ventricle disable to working normally leading to cardiac death, failure, etc.

• Heart Failure

More strain on Heart due to rising BP make heart weaken and work efficiently as a result heart attack or Heart fail may occur.

Damages to Brain

Just as the Heart our brain also need nourishing blood flow to do work properly and for survival.

But High BP damages the arteries throughout the body by creating clog and put you at higher risk for brain diseases as follows:

• Stroke

This I can categorise mainly in two types

Caused by blocked blood flow:

The clot in blood vessels restricted blood reaches to the brain as a result lack of oxygen cells start dying within minutes. The clot makes the artery narrower, harder due to fatty plaque deposition around its wall. The clot may either form in Blood vessels or anywhere in the body and reaches the brain which we can call as traveling clot. This may cause an irregular heartbeat called Arterial fibrillation.

Caused by Bleeding:

This is the deadlier situation than as clot formation as weak blood vessels and may get burst as of Aneurysm.

• Transient Ischemic Stroke

Also called ministroke and there is temporary blockage of blood flow due to clot but I can say this could be the alarming situation for a full-blown stroke.

• Dementia

This is the condition in which a person’s thinking, reasoning, vision ability may get impaired. Here also the same reason as above narrowing of blood vessels supplying blood to the brain and High BP might be the culprit behind this.

Damages to eyes

There are small, tiny blood vessels in the eyes supplying blood to the eyes. A person suffering from High BP faces a critical situation as high blood flow affects the eye in various ways:

• Retinopathy:

 I can also call it as Hypertensive Retinopathy. This is the eyesight disorder mainly damaging retina present at the back side of the eye. The condition occurs when blood flow is too high against the arterial wall. Makes the arteries to stretch, narrow and damaged and leads to the scary condition such as bleeding, blurred vision and loss of vision.

• Choroidopathy

The condition is where fluid builds up under the retina as leaky blood vessels. Situation results in impaired /distorted vision.

• Optic Nerve Damage

The condition is where blocked blood flows damages the optic nerves and nerve cells and might causing bleeding and Vision Loss.

Damage to Kidneys

The kidney is the vital organ of the body requires to excrete body waste material but that all depends on healthy blood vessels. High BP injures the main artery leading to the kidney and also the tiny blood vessels inside the kidney called glomeruli.

Damaged blood vessels cause a scary situation and it the person is diabetic then could be the worst situation.

• Kidney Failure

Hypertension damages the blood vessels as high BP pushes the blood forcefully against the artery wall. So it is obvious that waste product can’t be filtered out and accumulated in kidney thus toxins are formed.

Kidney failure is the most common situation for High BP Patients.

• Aneurysms

Aneurysm means the bulge in the arteries and its potential reason is to be atherosclerosis which making the plaque around the arteries.

High BP pushes the blood and making the artery to enlarge and form a bulge. The bulge might get ruptured and causes internal bleeding.

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