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    Hairloss? Here’s How Traya’s Treatment Helped Me Save It

    The Hair-Loss Treatment Segment

    When it comes to the hair-fall treatment market, brands have left no stone unturned, in order to sell their products. If one dwells deeper into the wretched secrets of this industry, it can be understood how consumers can be misled easily. In order to prevent oneself from being doomed by such aggressive claims filled with logical fallacies, researching the brand before investing in it becomes utterly important.

    After struggling with hair-fall issues for the past 4 years, I was reluctant to try out new treatments, thanks to the disappointing nature of previously tried products. Hence, I decided to take a sneak peek into things like reviews, case studies, customer testimonials, brand communications and transparency which would give me a foregoing idea to make an informed decision. I researched brands, not by listening to what they had to say about themselves, but by listening to what their customers said. And boy, I did bump into something interesting!

    Discovering Traya

    Traya Health, a hair fall solution provider, claims to have treated the hair problems of more than 1,50,000 Indians. If that is the number we’re looking at, a quick look into Traya’s reviews must also verify the same with customers giving a corresponding reaction. Surprisingly, it totally does! Therefore, I decided to give it a shot. Here’s my experience of it.

    When one lands on Traya’s website, the first step you’re directed onto is a free hair test. This helps identify the main triggers and the root causes of your hair fall which indeed helps in customizing a treatment plan. Personally, it was impressive to experience a proper diagnosis being done before being dished out with any random products.

    The second step involves getting a doctor-prescribed customized kit with a diet plan and a personal hair coach who is meant to clarify your doubts. The question arises – Why the diet plan and health supplements? Simply stated, Traya claims to use a three-science combination of Dermatology, Ayurveda, and Nutrition. Hence, holistic treatment aims at covering all three parameters via their treatment plans.

    The final step involves getting started with the treatment. The Hair Coach explains the usage of products and motivates you to stay consistent towards the recommended lifestyle changes so that the underlying conditions causing hair problems start getting addressed. They stay till the end of treatment to help you out like my hair coach did. This was truly appreciated as I didn’t feel forgotten, which usually happens with customers once the product is sold. This particular experience is collective for Traya’s customers, as perceived through Traya’s reviews.

    Since the triggers of my hair fall were now known, the hair coach told me that it would take around 3-4 months to start seeing the results. They also told me about the money-back guarantee if results weren’t seen in 5 months. Since all of this was clear from the beginning and no false claims of attaining immediate results were made, I felt more driven towards dedication. This made me more consistent with the regime.

    Overall Results

    As hair fall is a stubborn situation to deal with, one can’t expect to see results overnight. So to keep it realistic, I at least wanted to see a slight reduction in my hair fall. However, Traya’s treatment clearly exceeded my expectations. The holistic methods and healthier lifestyle were helping. Moreover, it wasn’t just helping my hair, but also my overall energy levels. After experiencing the change, the excitement of customers in Traya’s reviews makes sense. It indeed proves that anomalies can exist in the middle of misleading claims and that understanding the root cause solves half of the mystery.

    Now that I can vouch for Traya’s 93% efficacy rate, their familiarity with hair-fall solutions deserves to be known. I truly recommend taking the free hair test to find out what’s really going on with your hair; Like the doctors at Traya say, ‘Hair loss isn’t a problem, it is a symptom of an underlying condition’.

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