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    Fighting Hair Loss: 6 Tips To Help You

    Let’s begin this post with a hard-hitting fact – one-third of the global population suffer from hair loss! 


    Hair loss is more common than you think, and it has turned into a global phenomenon. Excessive hair loss can be traumatizing for most people and a reason for great stress. 

    So what is hair loss?

    Every individual loses around 50-100 hair strands daily. If the hair loss is more than this or associated with hair thinning, receding hairlines, and loss of hair volume, it is significant and called Alopecia.

    Now the big question is – Is there a way out? Thankfully, there is. You can fight back hair loss with these 6 useful tips.

    Tip #1 – Take Vitamins

    A very common reason for hair loss is Vitamin deficiency. Vitamins like A, B, C, D, E, Iron, and Zinc play a major role in hair growth. This deficiency can be easily treated by taking vitamin and mineral supplements. The dermatologist or hair specialist would perform a simple test to check for vitamin deficiency and prescribe the right supplement for you.

    Tip #2 – Consume More Proteins 

    Your hair follicles are mostly made of proteins. This shows the huge role protein plays in the overall health of your hair. The lack of proteins in your daily diet can affect hair growth. This is true, especially if you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet. It is estimated that an average human requires 40 to 60 grams of protein per day, which cannot be met by these diets. So start consuming greek yogurt, beans, eggs, and legumes to build back the protein levels in your body. You can also take protein supplements if the proteins from these food products aren’t enough to meet your daily requirements. 

    Tip #3 – Wash Your Hair With a Mild Shampoo

    The environment outside is heavily polluted thanks to industrial and vehicular pollution. The impact is directly felt on your hair and scalp as they become very dirty. Unclean hair and dandruff are other key reasons for hair loss. So it is critical that you clean your hair and scalp regularly with a mild shampoo (sulfate and paraben-free)  to reduce hair fall.

    Tip #4 – Massage Your Scalp Regularly

    Who doesn’t love a nice head massage? But do you also know that it is extremely beneficial for your hair? Massaging the scalp with essential oils even for a few minutes will revive your hair follicles and make them active and healthy. But always make sure you are gentle and not overdoing the massages

    Pro-tip: Try adding lavender in sesame or almond oil to give your hair a refreshing smell. 

    Tip #5 – Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

    This is a BIG NO. Our hair is at its weakest state when it is wet. Brushing or applying high pressure to the wet hair will break the strands. Prolonged brushing of wet hair can result in hair loss. If at all you have to comb your hair when it is wet, do it with a comb that has wide teeth. If the hair is tangled, use your fingers to untangle instead of the comb. 

    Tip #6 – Quit Smoking

    Smoking can cause a variety of problems. Hair Fall is definitely one of them. Smoking restricts the blood flow to your scalp, which results in slower hair growth. So if you are experiencing hair loss, try to quit smoking or reduce the number to see a drastic difference in hair volume. 


    The fight against hair loss begins with the proper identification of the root cause of the hair fall. Once you have identified the cause, try addressing it to reverse the hair fall. The above-mentioned tips can also help, but if your hair fall still doesn’t stop, it is best to consult a dermatologist who will suggest the ideal treatment to get the desired result.

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