Mother’s First Gift to her Child

This theme was chosen in order to focus on supporting both the parents to be empowered, to encourage breastfeeding and to improve the health of babies all around the globe. Breastfeeding is an important and integral part of the growth and development of a child. 

Some of the benefits of breast-feeding are

1) It is not expensive

Unlike other formula feeds or supplemental feed which costs a big amount, breastfeeding does not cost money. It is way cheaper and a much more nutritious feed than bottle feed. It is cost-effective and the best option for mother’s or families having a financial crisis as well.

2) The bond between mother and child

Breastfeeding creates a deep and special bond between mother and child. Studies reveal that skin to skin contact enhances emotional and psychological attachment between both. Some researchers have suggested that this phase lays down the foundation for a happy and secure psychological growth of the child in later years.

3) Breast feeding- Natural Contraception

Exclusive breastfeeding has a natural contraceptive effect. The physical suckling of breast stimulates the hormones which prevent the ovulation process thereby acting as a contraception method. During the phase of lactation, Prolactin levels are thus high and these high levels act as a contraceptive.

4) Provides ease and comfort to mother


Proper education, social awareness, support and practice of breastfeeding has enabled mother’s to overcome the discomfort felt while feeding especially in public places. Nowadays, malls, hotels, restaurants, and few other public places have a separate feeding room which provides ease and comfort to mother while feeding. In recent times, even a few corporate houses, workplaces and hospitals have come up with feeding rooms for mothers.

5) Convenient


The last-minute run to shops for formula feed is not required. Breastfeeding is hassle-free from washing bottles in warm water, sterilizing and drying them in proper hygienic conditions. Breast milk is always maintained at the right temperature, perfect composition and easily accessible.

6) Avoids sleep disturbances and is time-saving for mother

If the baby is hungry at night, the mother has to wake up and prepare the bottle feed or formula feed that disturbs her sleep whereas for breastfeeding just latching baby to breast promotes better sleep to the baby as well as the mother.
Hence, Breastfeeding is the best feed. Mother’s who do not have a medical condition that contradicts breastfeeding must opt to breastfeed their baby to avail the most benefits.

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Written by Sayali Pitale

Sayali has over 12 years of experience as a health professional practicing Clinical nutrition and promoting the importance of Nutrition. She has extensive experience working at several Hospitals, Clinics and other health institutions. Her experience includes counseling a wide-ranging spectrum of patients to help meet their medical needs and health goals.
She has conducted several lectures in hospitals, corporates, schools, and other institutions to promote healthy nutrition and food habits. She has also helped organize and manage workshops and small group discussions.
She is also a conscientious and self-motivated entrepreneur with great enthusiasm and determination to succeed. She is successfully running a business that caters to Hospitals, Health institutions, schools, and Education Institutes by taking over their Nutrition department and Patient food services.
Key Domain Skills
▪ Specialized consulting for Cancer Patients, Diabetic, special care patients, weight gain, weight loss, Pre and Post Pregnancy patients.
▪ Nutritional Counselling and Consulting
▪ Clinical Research and Trials
▪ Recipe redesign and experimentation
▪ Setting Up clients/patients’ healthy kitchen
▪ Conducting lectures on best practices in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
▪ Helped design a nutrition software module for a hospital
▪ Planning RT and JT while considering all essential clinical aspects
▪ Conducting Lectures on Nutrition and Health

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