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    Does Stage 1 Colon Cancer Have Symptoms?

    Health is wealth! Make sure to keep your health in good condition. One can manage and do all the work successfully only when their health is good, and you cannot retain it back once you are affected by any disease. Colon cancer is one of the diseases that form in the colon or rectum. 

    Colon means the large intestine, and rectum means the pathway that joins the colon to the anus. The cause of colorectal cancer is unspecified, and while the tumor is developing, it can increase the risk factor.

    If you have gone through a test and the result shows that you have colon cancer, the primary thing that you want to know is the stage of cancer. Knowing the cancer stage can represent how long the cancer is spread. It is essential to know about the stage of colon cancer to take the best treatment.

    Colon cancer is categorized into five stages. They are:

    1. Stage 0

    2. Stage 1

    3. Stage 2

    • Stage: 2A, 2B, 2C

    4. Stage 3

    • Stage: 3A, 3B, 3C

    5. Stage 4

    • Stage 4A
    • Stage 4B
    • Stage 4C

    Does Stage 1 Colon Cancer Have Symptoms?

    Stage 1 colon cancer will not have specific symptoms or signs. If the symptoms are developed, there will be a variation that depends on the location and size of the tumor in the large intestine. The symptoms of stage 1 colon cancer will affect the colon, and due to that, you can observe the changes in bowel habits.

    As cancer develops, it will spread to the other parts of your body and produce systemic symptoms. Due to this, it can affect your whole body parts, such as weight loss and fatigue. The changes that occur in the bowel habits are considered the sign or symptoms of colon cancer; the changes include:

    • Constipation
    • Rectal bleeding
    • Change in the number of times the bowel movement occurs
    • You will see the blood happening in the stools (It could be like dark tar-like stools or bright red spots)
    • Bloating, abdominal pain, or cramps
    • Change occurs in the regularity of stool (Watery or loose stools)
    • A feeling can happen that you cannot entirely flush out your bowels.

    How to Determine the Stage of Colon Cancer?

    A doctor will suggest a screening process for colon cancer by doing one of the tests mentioned below.

    1. Colonoscopy

    2. Sigmoidoscopy

    3. FIT (Fecal Immunochemical Testing)

    How Can Colon Cancer be Treated in Every Stage?

    The treatment for colon cancer widely depends on the cancer stage. The treatment suggested by the doctor depends on your age, cancer stage, and all over your body health. Here is the treatment recommended by the doctor in every stage.

    1. Stage 0:

    The only treatment required for this stage 0 colorectal cancer is surgery.

    2. Stage 1:

    For stage 1 cancer, doctors recommend surgery, but the surgical technique may change depending on the size and location of the tumor.

    3. Stage 2:

    In stage 2, doctors recommend having surgery for the colorectal cancer treatment, which should be performed to drag out the lymph nodes and cancerous section in the colon. In some cases, like if there are any risk factors or the cancer is at a high level, chemotherapy will be recommended.

    4. Stage 3:

    Stage 3 colon cancer is recommended to have surgery to cut off the lymph nodes and tumor and then chemotherapy. In some cases, doctors will recommend having radiation therapy.

    5. Stage 4:

    As it is stage 4 of colon cancer, the treatment will be recommended to have surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Additionally, in some cases, immunotherapy or targeted therapy might be recommended.

    Bottom Line:

    If you have gone through any early symptoms, immediately consult your doctor and take the required tests. If the test results show you have colon cancer, start the necessary treatment for your cancer stage.

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