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    Better Beauty – What Can You Do in 2022?

    We all desire a life in which we can achieve anything naturally without trying too hard. It applies in all areas of our lives, including finances, physical looks, spiritual matters, relationships, etc. However, for anything to work out, we must put in the same effort to achieve and sustain it no matter our age. 

    The beauty world has proved challenging, especially for ladies who try to copy each other, ignoring the simple fact that our genetics and bodies are unique. However, there are everyday things that even older women in independent senior living care can do to get the look that they desire. In this article, we shall discuss them.

    1. Manage Stress

    It’s pretty hard to hide the stress from your face, and its effects can last a long time if not taken care of. When you’re stressed, your skin looks oilier than usual. This is due to the production of excess cortisol hormone. 

    Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take time to distract yourself by either working out or talking to a close friend or therapist if need be. Primarily, enrolling in a meditation program will help build up the right mood and give you the glow you need.

    2. Hydrate

    You’ll notice that some of your best skin care products have moisturizing agents in them. Water can make your skin firm and helps flush out unhealthy toxins from your body. If you have been hydrating poorly for a while now, introduce water-rich fruits and vegetables to your diet. To test whether your body is well-hydrated, pinch your skin over the back of your hand, and if it doesn’t bounce back once you let go, it’s a sign that you need to adjust your hydration needs. 

    3. Exercise In the Morning

    Your skin benefits from the early sun rays and heat, and it gives you the best glow and radiance that you can achieve at any other hour of the day. If you want to burn more calories, working out early in the morning is the best time to do it since you’re also well-rested, and you have the energy to give your best in your preferred routine. It’s also much easier to hydrate all day after doing your morning routine.

    4. Get A Good Night’s Rest

    Once you get used to doing some good exercise, it also helps you not struggle with insomnia episodes. You’ll notice that when you’re sleep-deprived, your skin appears wrinkled, and your eyes form under-puffs due to the high production of the cortisol hormone. You will sleep better, and your skin gets more time to rejuvenate as it should each day, and the results are noticeable each day.

    5. Eat Right

    Your skin reflects the products you apply to your skin and what you feed your body daily. Moving forward, keep off from processed foods and alcohol, and cigarettes. Enrich your body with vegetables and fruits that produce suitable antioxidants for your body. In short, the main secret is to keep up a healthy and balanced diet.

    6. Reduce Hot Shower Time

    If you’re used to taking long hot showers, it’s time to stop since it’s slowly stripping off the natural oil layer of your skin, leaving your skin with a pale look. Alternatively, if you wish to maintain your long showers, reduce the temperatures to improve blood circulation, reflecting on your face. After your shower, make sure you immediately moisturize your skin so that it does not dry out.

    7. Reassess your Skincare Routine and Products

    You may have done everything listed above, but the kind of skincare products that you use could be the source of your mess. First, confirm whether those products match your skin type and are made from harsh or toxic ingredients, causing skin irritation. Go online and check the different natural DIY home ingredients that you can use for your skin. Try shifting to more natural options to treat your skin since their components will be more skin-friendly and pocket-friendly. The same principle applies to your hair products. 

    Alternatively, your environment could trigger skin irritation, so adjust accordingly. For instance, if you’re currently living in a predominantly sunny place, you may need more moisturizing products and sunscreen to protect your skin from drying out and sunburns. 

    8. Check Your Medicine

    Certain drugs like contraceptives, anticonvulsants, or fertility drugs cause skin breakout more so due to the hormonal changes they bring. The changes may not happen, but if the early signs are ignored, they could brew a worse situation in the future which is more complicated to treat. If you’re unsure about a particular drug, carry them with you to your physician for them to approve them or get an alternative medication for you. 

    If you have struggled with your skin for a while now, you only need to make simple adjustments to your routine, and within no time, you will notice the positive changes. Look through the list above, figure out what works for you, and make the necessary adjustments.

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